Dear Journal,
The first few months after 100 days seem to have been a time of peace for Karameikos as the Church of Lillith gained followers. But that wasn’t due to the chaotic way of its people.

Sir Knight has returned from his long departure, but it wasn’t all merriment for us. He requested of me to aid him with attacking the Hegemony, which at first made me think of Lady Caer and my strive for peace between us. After learning that neither were allies my troops had to be mobilised to aid my friend.

I respect him for his honour and willingness to aid a friend, but how could he have known who provoked it and if a battle had been fought. But that was the only attack he would do, the scriptures of the Zenith Hedonist place him as a warmonger. A ruthless killer with no remorse for his actions and of the consequences.

To bloody my own hands upon the battlefield was joyous, but to stop at only one will not do. The Lady Lillith demands the blood of our enemies, and that is the Ordo Espana. I will bring despair and anguish to them, neither friend nor foe will quench my men of there thirst for blood.

Such blood-hunger in one man, my ancestor, this is not something to be proud of. For many generations my family follow the teaching of the Church and the Ordo Draconis.

~Thadius DuPre, Historical Society~
Dear Journal,
I have reached the remains of what was once the Church of Lillith, were every year on the day of Baal leaders of the Cult De Karameikos verge. It also the location of Dante DuPre when the law of 100 days expired.

The Lady Lillith spoke to me today, on the eve of the 100-day law ending. She spoke of a great nation under my leadership, and that of the DuPre household. She also spoke of the vile Lord Slater of Cloudbreak, the faithful followers of the Ordo Espana.

One thing of note about Church of Lillith it seems was that Dante’s very own uncle, Victor Von Haus was the leader at the time. A family that played very prominently in the church, but they were not the only ones worth mentioning. The House Kaldorei of Solaris also believed in the Lady Lillith.

Our followers grow everyday, the name of Karameikos and our Lady Lillith at the forefront. We will bring pain and happiness to the world, and in turn they will call me their king.

~ Thadius DuPre, Historical Society ~
Dear Journal,
Well I have at last reached what were once the luxuries Setras Woods, home to the Holy Tribes dedicated to Raine. The great trees are no longer here, but some remains of ruined buildings are still visible in areas. It would have been such a beautiful place, I’m amazed Dante DuPre was able to befriend due to the hatred that seems to have been around.

My people have been going around listening to others and have heard rumours of hatred towards me. Though I fear that this is true, due to comments said during court with other leaders. I have even been told that one leader is preparing to aid anyone attacked by a Karameikan soldier. And Lady Guinivere of Caer Tuatha was on no help during the discussions, due to unfavourable hostilities between Zenith Hedonist and my sweet Karameikos.

The greatest queen of Caer Tuatha was at the discussions, I wish I would have been privy to such a delight as bearer witness to her beauty. I have seen paintings of that great family, such elegant artwork as it is.
These maps indicate that over the mountains were the remaining tribesmen of Humboldtia. To the east laid the realms of Alvenhal and Burgundy, which seems to be what a lot of controversy of spies originated from. Why would one allow Ambassadors to also spy and sabotage other kingdoms?

I have had emissaries from Alvenhal reach Baal in hopes of forging a great nation. I have also sent men to my cousin Abrial Kreig as well as others seeking support. I have heard of the power that Lord Alvenhal commands and have accepted his proposal to join. The Church of Lillith have decreed that I should lead our people in this joyous occasion, though it would never had happened without Lord Alvenhal. He has been given lands and the title of Marquis.

The Church of Lillith, I believe that they are still around but not by that name. The Cult De Karameikos, I hate those people. They seem to have contracted some sort of madness, always preaching about the return of Lillith and destruction of Chaerpier and Mikhail.

~Thadius DuPre, Historical Society~
Dear Journal,
It has been three days since I left home.

It has started again, this race we have for control of Elaera. Though it saddens me that only one of my oath brothers is still with me. Baal has risen again and I intend for it to live up to its glorious name, with my beautiful Alahandra at my side. I here word from my cousin Abrial Kreig that he intends to join me again, as will others who are flocking to the banner of Karameikos. Ambassadors are already being sent to distant leaders in the hope of attaining allies, although the bond between Karameikos and Militant has already been settled. My daughter Alana has been wed to Lord Goergyboy, and what of my son Armando. Well, that I would like to know myself, as it has been many moons since he left home.

I have been going over the journal of my great ancestor Dante DuPre, and am amazed at what I have found within this dusted tomb. My travels have been long since I left Enway, and very tiresome for me. I can see the great mountains of Karameikos in the distance. Their white covered peaks shine with an unearthly light even from some distance away. The roads I travel were once the great path of King Eagle himself, built for easier passage within the realm.

The Malloreans once commanded the road of Eagle, but since their decline it has become free for everyone’s use again. Though the land is rife with bandits and highwaymen stalking the roads for easy prey. The great Mallorean castle has gone into decline but was still adequate for the task of holding court. It was nice to see old faces among the crowd and even those lords and ladies who are new to the politics of Elaera. Though much was discussed only one thing came to fruition, which is the law of 100 days. For 100 days another could harm no one, though I fear for when this time ends.

This talk of peace for 100 days seems such a barbaric law, why could they not have peace for all. Or were they so bloodthirsty that they could not quench their thirst for a lengthier amount of time. Another thing, which is different, is that I have noticed great pillars along the road, with some archaic text upon it. Sadly I am unable to translate it, but there is something of noteworthy with them. That they present themselves at the same distance, every 9,200 steps it would seem through my speculations but I cannot be sure of this.

~Thadius DuPre, Historical Society~
Dear Journal,
Its time I started on the way to my homeland of Karameikos. The masters of the Historical Society have given me permission to write the truth about what happened in Baal. I guess this is going to take me far away from civilisation but it will be good for me. Mother always said I should be more like Dante DuPre.

~Thadius DuPre, Historical Society~